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bamaland05a.png - "We're going to eat your head."
bamaland05b.png - "Make no sudden moves."
bamaland05c.png - "... and the next - a maggot munchie."
bamaland05d.png - "Oh, Bubba ..."
bamaland06a.png - "No relation, I take it?"
bamaland06b.png - "A little student affairs humor."
bamaland06c.png - "... something warm and friendly to snuggle up to at night."
bamaland06d.png - "He's using you as a homing beacon."
bamaland07a.png - "I'm going to kill you in your sleep."
bamaland07b.png - "... in a bizarre freebasing accident."
bamaland07c.png - "I wish my head wasn't so damn big."
bamaland07d.png - "Hey, where's the geek?"
bamaland08a.png - "Do potatoheads float, Joe Bob?"
bamaland08b.png - "Pleased to meet you, Mr. Leader Type."
bamaland08c.png - "No time for wimps, boy."
bamaland08d.png - "Hmm ... if I'm on reeeal good behavior ..."
bamaland09a.png - "I know you think of me as a crazy but lovable drug-dealing psychopath."
bamaland09b.png - "Aren't I an angelfood cake head."
bamaland09c.png - "Don't make me clap the erasers Mrs. Bluglob!"
bamaland09d.png - "We can take bets on brain embolisms."
bamaland10a.png - "Drugs! Heroin! In our trunk! A million years in prison!"
bamaland10b.png - "I think you're missing the basic point here, Skag."
bamaland10c.png - "Oops. False alarm."
bamaland10d.png - "Let me guess ... no insurance."
bamaland11a.png - "Hey Slim, what say we take that shortcut thru the swamp?"
bamaland11b.png - "In sum: they have no evidence and no case."
bamaland11c.png - "... and kiddie porn!"
bamaland11d.png - "Winnie the Pooh and Camus Too"
bamaland12a.png - "Isn't that a bit grim for ten year olds?"
bamaland12b.png - "... and start living a normal life again."
bamaland12c.png - "Where you boys headed?"
bamaland12d.png - "... just this side of the Bessemer cut-off."
bamaland13a.png - "Look, a Stuckey's!"
bamaland13b.png - "Four weeks in jail ... but I'm home."
bamaland13c.png - "Something is coming to Bamaland."
bamaland13d.png - "It had kittens, Skag."
bamaland14a.png - "Born to be bad."
bamaland14b.png - "That cheap generic crap!"
bamaland14c.png - "Well here's one of the little ..."
bamaland14d.png - "Cute fuzzy adorable kittens for free!"
bamaland15a.png - "Except for Styrofoam?"
bamaland15b.png - "It's Satanism, roomie."
bamaland15c.png - "I take it you bargained your soul or some such."
bamaland15d.png - "Paper bags make everyone's life more convenient."
bamaland16a.png - "It's gonna be a Live Aid kinda thing."
bamaland16b.png - "She going for the fish food?"
bamaland16c.png - "... we must never, ever displease her!"
bamaland16d.png - "Hey, little guys! It's din-din time!"
bamaland17a.png - "These are just diet pills ..."
bamaland17b.png - "Try to imagine a beautiful sunset ..."
bamaland17c.png - "Eat that geek!"
bamaland17d.png - "... and whatever you do, don't imagine this welcome mat ... "
bamaland18a.png - "I'm being eaten by weasels!"
bamaland18b.png - "Obviously he's a big subconscious fear of yours."
bamaland18c.png - "I ... I want your forgiveness."
bamaland18d.png - "You don't want to see the loser I've become."
bamaland19a.png - "Oh loyal fan ..."
bamaland19b.png - "How do you expect me to feel?"
bamaland19c.png - "You've got to live life to its fullest!"
bamaland19d.png - "Quick, Bubba, tell me what you've learned!"
bamaland20a.png - "... and no real damage was done."
bamaland20b.png - "I'm going to see my brother in Selma."
bamaland20c.png - "He's such a bright kid ..."
bamaland20d.png - "Yeah ... I thought it would make him more sociable."
bamaland21a.png - "I think he's speaking a dialect of welcome wear-outish, son."
bamaland21b.png - "I'm keeping him."
bamaland21c.png - "I don't care. He's neat."
bamaland21d.png - "Have you decided on a name yet?"
bamaland22a.png - "You see, I'm gonna be going into the business world."
bamaland22b.png - "Well, at least somebody loves me ..."
bamaland22c.png - "I need to tell you in person."
bamaland22d.png - "He has a way of taking adversity in stride."
bamaland23a.png - "Speaking theoretically?"
bamaland23b.png - "So much for reaching out."
bamaland23c.png - "... maybe you might want to send some kind of sign."
bamaland23d.png - "Look out world, here I ..."
bamaland24a.png - "... but since I've got these guys on the line ..."
bamaland24b.png - "Everything is going black, am I going to die?"
bamaland24c.png - "... I am beyond the reach of his evil influence."
bamaland24d.png - "... I'm sure it's obscene, outrageous, or depraved."
bamaland25a.png - "Yeah, it's concept album."
bamaland25b.png - "Well, the guy from Tusk likes it."
bamaland25c.png - "Registration sucks."
bamaland25d.png - "I fixed up a special little something for you."
bamaland26a.png - "So much for the good citizenship theory."
bamaland26b.png - "How will this affect our fish food?"
bamaland26c.png - "You're ... you're mocking me, aren't you?"
bamaland26d.png - "What more could possibly go wrong?"
bamaland27a.png - "Oh rats! It's Death. What a bummer."
bamaland27b.png - "This is all pretty disillusioning."
bamaland27c.png - "I don't want to seem rude, but are you here for me?!"
bamaland27d.png - "I can't imagine a worse nightmare than a visit from Death itself ..."
bamaland28a.png - "Mr. Skag! My syringe is jammed!"
bamaland28b.png - "But you know, flashbacks are harmless."
bamaland28c.png - "It's a metaphor for the imperialist oppression of the third world."
bamaland28d.png - "... I've got a pretty good conception of what your video should be."
bamaland29a.png - "Men are Weak and Worthless Leeches."
bamaland29b.png - "I got a bad feeling about this, guys!"
bamaland29c.png - "... he'll never play the guitar again."
bamaland29d.png - "... who's gonna finish the video?"
bamaland30a.png - "You boys won't be makin' no por-no-gra-phic tape, will ya?"
bamaland30b.png - "All my life I wanted to just be an accountant ..."
bamaland30c.png - "Time to trim the carpet, roomie."
bamaland30d.png - "Norman Bippy. That sounds like an excellent roommate."
bamaland31a.png - "No, Skag! You can't be my roommate!"
bamaland31b.png - "I'm just so darned doomed."
bamaland31c.png - "I can't let what he does get to me."
bamaland31d.png - "Booker T. Washington Vol 1: The Early Years"
bamaland32a.png - "I feel an impromptu haiku coming on."
bamaland32b.png - "Ooooo! I'll start heating the Vaseline!"
bamaland32c.png - "Thousands and thousands and thousands of Twinkies!"
bamaland32d.png - "Hey geek-brain! Get a move on!"
bamaland33a.png - "That's the final straw."
bamaland33b.png - "So basically U.P.S. are just pretending to be police, right?"
bamaland33c.png - "Roomie, remember when I borrowed your car last week ..."
bamaland33d.png - "Mutants."
bamaland34a.png - "I sure hope he can't read the truth in my ey -"
bamaland34b.png - "Due process?"
bamaland34c.png - "Sex squids represent all the dreams and aspirations ..."
bamaland34d.png - "Yeah ... that's when the existential angst began to sink in."
bamaland35a.png - "It's just not the same without Reg."
bamaland35b.png - "For a moment I actually thought Kip was real."
bamaland35c.png - "Kip! Kip! What is the frequency?"
bamaland35d.png - "Luck be a lady tonight ..."
bamaland36a.png - "... you Incan mud goddess of love!"
bamaland36b.png - "Is my life so dull, so boring ..."
bamaland36c.png - "Chemicals are a-percolatin'!"
bamaland36d.png - "Why, we're just inhabitants of your brain."
bamaland37a.png - "I could have been a contender instead of a veg which is what I am."
bamaland37b.png - "Uh ... Bubba, I found this in the hall."
bamaland37c.png - "You look like you could use a drink."
bamaland37d.png - "We have to look in the bag!"
bamaland38a.png - "Thus endeth the joyous interlude."
bamaland38b.png - "I don't want to play this damn guitar!"
bamaland38c.png - "What ever happened to E.T. ..."
bamaland38d.png - "You left a crewman behind?! You moron!"
bamaland39a.png - "A small lonely Earthboy befriends you."
bamaland39b.png - "... by monitoring their transmissions."
bamaland39c.png - "What's your friend sticking in his arm?"
bamaland39d.png - "Thank you for supporting the Reagan contra initiative."
bamaland40a.png - "No such thing as Santa - are you serious?"
bamaland40b.png - "Being good has nothing to do with it, Mikey."
bamaland40c.png - "Mr. Skag, could I talk to you?"
bamaland40d.png - "You know what epistemology is?"
bamaland41a.png - "Aha! Healthy skepticism."
bamaland41b.png - "Wow. Neato."
bamaland41c.png - "Take me to the Baskin-Robbins in the McFarland Mall."
bamaland41d.png - "Relax, Mikey. These are Flintsone Quaaludes."
bamaland42a.png - "I may have made a couple of slight dosage miscalculations, roomie."
bamaland42b.png - "Relax, roomie. I think my drug treatment program was a success."
bamaland42c.png - "But this guy was a loon."
bamaland42d.png - "All this worrying over nothing ..."
bamaland43a.png - "I'm pond scum."
bamaland43b.png - "Does lowering inhibitions lower responsibility?"
bamaland43c.png - "I know it's just my job to answer the phones here ..."
bamaland43d.png - "Since you came to me and confessed I'm just going to ..."
bamaland44a.png - "I still have faith in you, Dr. Biff!"
bamaland44b.png - "I got me a thirteen-year-old daughter named Cindy Lou."
bamaland44c.png - "Oh yes. He's so nice and fun loving."
bamaland44d.png - "So what they obviously need is a human beat box."
bamaland45a.png - "It's another E.T.!"
bamaland45b.png - "Well, here I am on Earth."
bamaland45c.png - "Luncheon Meats?"
bamaland45d.png - "This is not going to be pretty."
bamaland46a.png - "I'm so incorrigible."
bamaland46b.png - "I just love those cute little bears."
bamaland46c.png - "Shut up, you pig!"
bamaland46d.png - "So, farewell, blue Earth."
bamaland47a.png - "I wonder if I could just will my own death?"
bamaland47b.png - "Yep. I'm a carnivore."
bamaland47c.png - "I am a Messenger of God."
bamaland47d.png - "Or is God just a bimbo?"
bamaland48a.png - "Oooo! Is that my stomach growling?"
bamaland48b.png - "I have become an uberfish."
bamaland48c.png - "I didn't lose faith in you, Oh Supreme Being!"
bamaland48d.png - "And here I am being rewarded for my faith."
bamaland49a.png - "Hey, why not a sub-atomic physicist?"
bamaland49b.png - "I'll never work again."
bamaland49c.png - "I wonder if Skag's home."
bamaland49d.png - "Oh no! We've run out of pork flavored body oil!"
bamaland50a.png - "I converted your bunk into a "Lil' Opium Den"."
bamaland50b.png - "Fate is a bastard."
bamaland50c.png - "... take into account your overall performance at this university."
bamaland50d.png - "You've ruined my life, Skag!"
bamaland51a.png - "I wonder where my roomie is."
bamaland51b.png - "It's hard to imagine myself sinking any deeper."
bamaland51c.png - "... your intimate sense of moral imperative."
bamaland51d.png - "I think it's one of those generic discount truths."
bamaland52a.png - "What a sponge-cake head."

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