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About the comic

Bamaland, a comic by Walt Guthrie,
appeared in the Crimson White
(the newspaper for the University of Alabama - Tuscaloosa)
in the mid-1980s (1985 / 1986 / 1987).
Recurring characters included Bubba, Skag, Babs, Dr. Biff, Bobby,
and a pair of philosophical goldfish named Sal and Fritz.

About the book

There is a book! All comics, plus some other work,
were bound in a spiral book titled "Bamaland and other paranoid fantasies"
which was available in the UA-T bookstore for a time.

The WorldCat entry for the book (18806258)
appears to be available in the UA-T library.

The cover of "Bamaland and other paranoid fantasies"

About this site

Back in '97(!), Walt Guthrie gave me the okay to make some pages dedicated
to our favorite geeky student Bubba, and Skag - his psycho, drug-pushing,
Spam-cookie-dough-eating, Argentinian-snuff-film-financing roommate.

About the themes

Warning: many disturbing themes

Sensitive/traumatic topics are pervasive and explicit, and include:
drug use, weapons, crime, arrest, police abuse, cults, ritual killings, suicide, murder, racism, exploitation of vulnerable groups, etc.

Please note that Skag's blatant, banal evil - deliberately contrasted with Bubba's default amiableness
(and Bubba's escalating horror and outrage) - are the central theme of the comics.
This is satirical commentary on these extremes, and should not be interpreted as endorsement of them
(in fact, quite the opposite!)

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All Bamaland materials Copyright © 1985-1987 Walt Guthrie. Used by permission.